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A native Midwesterner, I was the “artistic” one in a family of engineers.  I grew up with practical values and German heritage where it was important to do things right the first time, like "buy once, buy well.".  I was always interested in art and excelled at drawing and painting at an early age. 

My dad was an entrepreneur and could fix just about anything, and he encouraged me to work at a hardware store in high school.  Little did I know, that knowledge of tools and construction materials that I gained at that job would prepare me for my career in interior design!  

After earning a degree in Marketing Communications and a minor in Spanish, I worked in the corporate world for several years.  When I moved to Atlanta in 1992, I decided to pursue a degree in interior design. After graduating with a BFA, I discovered that I have a unique set of skills that sets me apart from other designers.  Applying my creativity, practical know-how, project management skills and business acumen to the field of interior design makes me better equipped to tackle projects in a professional and timely manner.  And I have a team that expands to accommodate the needs of every project.

What I value:

  • Timeless looks

  • Quality

  • Family-friendly solutions

  • Incorporating existing furnishings when possible

  • Splurging on a few key pieces that will last forever

Designing your home can be overwhelming, frustrating, and time consuming.  That’s why many people suffer from C.H.A.O.S (Can’t Have Anyone Over Syndrome).   My goal is to work with smart professionals and busy families to overcome C.H.A.O.S and create relaxing environments that reflect and showcase their lifestyle.   Whether you’ve got young kids, you’re an empty nester, or if your kids have paws, you deserve to live in a stylish environment that is a reflection of you.


So if you’re ready to elevate your environment so you can enjoy your home instead of feeling like it’s always a work in progress, you’re in the right place!   From kitchen and bath renovations to stylish, kid-friendly living spaces, I have the creativity, experience and resources to transform your home into a stunning, functional space that is truly your own.


April Adriansen, Busy Mom of 4, Milton, GA

Franklind + Lisa Lea, Alpharetta, GA

Daryl + Kristina Dittmer, Mineral Bluff, GA

Tracey Gill, Cumming, GA

Brittany Nassar, Busy Mom and Small Business Owner, Milton, GA

Penny Hundley, Retired, Alpharetta, GA 

Nova Pearson Kopp, Corporate Training Director, Roswell, GA

Carter Ard, Human Resources Professional, Alpharetta, GA

Elaine K., Entrepreneur and Busy Mom of twins, Johns Creek, GA

Marsha L., Retired Director of Non-Profit, Tucker, GA

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